How Your Brain Makes You Fat

How your brain makes you fat, why it happens, and 4 proven strategies to avoid the "hungry brain."


13 Worst “Health” Foods

With all of the claims that manufacturers are putting on their product labels and the advice from so called "health experts," it's easy to get confused about which foods are actually good for you. All of this confusion is enough to overwhelm you and make attempting to eat healthy much less appealing. The following 13 foods are some of the worst "health" foods that you need to avoid at all costs...

Gut Bacteria: The Key To Weight Loss

It turns out that weight loss is a little more complicated than calories in versus calories out. Calories are important but it's really about where those calories come from that determines whether or not your turning your body into a fat burning machine. You have over 100 TRILLION bacteria in your body that is changed completely by the foods that you eat. These bacteria determine how your body handles calories and whether or not to store them as fat...

Burn 2,000 More Calories a Day With NEAT

You have probably heard that 30 minutes of exercise a day is recommended for good health and weight management. I am not saying that those 30 minutes of exercise are not important…but there is something known as “NEAT,” or non-exercise activity thermogenesis, which contributes much more to your weight loss efforts than exercise does!